a platform for ambitious leaders
to assess team culture and develop Exceptional Team Habits
Build Exceptional Team Habits
that help you grow

Team culture makes or breaks any company at any stage.

Exceptional Team Habits result in higher energy level and better engagement. Alternatively, leaders ignoring team culture development face massive burnouts, low team spirit or quiet exits.

InForce helps to:

  • Enhance talent attraction and retention;
  • Elevate team capacity and performance;
  • Amplify revenue and expedite business growth;
  • Foster sustainable and efficient team collaboration.
How it works
— Our algorithm helps to identify the 6 crucial culture factors that are important at your growth stage;

To specified your insights and experience according your strategic goals;
Set strategic goals
— You as a leader pass through self-assessment to check your picture of your leadership style and team culture;
— You get the free report based on your own opinion;

To find out your leadership & culture gaps and strong points;
Leader self-assessment
— Your employees fill the survey about leadership and team culture;
— You get advanced leadership feedback and team report with culture development recommendations;
— The report describes your team culture on 3 levels: behavior, leadership and practices;

To compare it with your own results. It will help you to get team feedback and find blind spots;
Team assessment

— You get personal leadership development track;
— You get team development track and team engagement tools;
— Each track consists of easy to implement learning materials (articles, videos, workbooks, quizzes, group tasks;

To build team culture that will fit strategic goals and increase team performance;
Development track
Mentor support
— Our certified team and executive coaches can help to go through culture transformation process;
— Team and personal sessions are included;

To make your development easier and faster;
Check team progress
— You can track key metrics and see how your culture development is going;
— In 3 months you will take the final assessment to identify the progress;

To manage your growth;
Our methodology highlights
10 Team's Invisible Forces
How to check up your team
• Check up your leadership and team culture by yourself
• Get report with gaps and strong points and recommendations
Leader Self-Assessment
• Support and consulting by certified expert of culture development
• Development track for reaching your goals
• Dashboards of metrics
• The tracker of the progress and metrics
• Tips, education and tools for increasing capacity and speed
Development track for 3 month
• Assessment includes leader and employee survey
• You get personal report with leadership feedback
• You get advanced team culture report with gaps and strong points
• Development plan to build culture that fits your strategic goals

Our experience
of culture tracking and development
“Innovation culture”
Patented methodology
in culture transformation
in HR-consulting
15+ years of experience
Our customers
Do right things at the right time
+ 140% attractiveness for talent
+ x3 revenue growth
+ 35% time to market
Proven by our clients’ results
«InForce tracker helped us to define clear
focuses how to strengthen our culture.

Addressing it, we were amazed with
results: faster innovations, greater people
retention, 20% talent engagement growth»

Olga, HRD, Multon,
The Coca-Cola Company
Let's make the invisible visible to build the winning team culture
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